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Undergraduate research positions in the Truman Lab


Undergraduate students are invited to join the lab on a variety of exciting cancer-related projects. 

Q. I am interested in doing undergraduate research in the Truman Lab. What do I need to do?

Please complete the google form here. If you don't get a response in a few days, please feel free to contact Dr. Truman at

Q. What opportunities are there?

A. Students typically initially sign up for BIOL3900, which allows students to receive credit for research in the lab. Later on, students can also sign up for the Honors Program (BIOL4700/4701). Students who want to sign up for BIOL4700 should have completed at least one semester of BIOL3900 in the Truman Lab.

Q. When is an ideal time to start undergraduate research?

A. We recommend starting around sophomore year. Students often stay multiple semesters to build up a research project.

Q. Can I work over the Summer in the Truman Lab?

A. Yes! Several opportunities are available. The OUR and REU programs provide over $5000 to work over summer in the lab on research projects. Please see here:

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