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Understanding the Chaperone Code 

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Our laboratory is centered on understanding the role and regulation of post-translational modifications of the Hsp70 molecular chaperone protein. We are interested in understanding this "Chaperone Code" at both a basic level and in human pathologies that include cancer and neurodegenerative disease.


Our group is multidisciplinary, integrating biochemistry, biophysics, structural biology and proteomics. We study these chaperone dynamics in a range of systems including bacteria, budding yeast and in cancer cell lines.

Check out our new publication "Comprehensive characterization of the Hsp70 interactome reveals novel client proteins and interactions mediated by posttranslational modifications" in PLOS Biology [link]

Our Research Team


Our team is a vibrant mix of undergraduate and graduate trainees, technicians and post-doctoral researchers who study all aspects of the chaperone code from an evolutionary perspective through to implications for human disease. Meet the team here!

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