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Principal Investigator


Andrew Truman Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Biological Sciences

Group Leader, Charlotte Group for Proteostasis Research


Ph.D. Biochemistry, University College London, UK

BSc (Hons), Biochemistry, University College London, UK

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Postdoctoral Fellows

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Dr. Tasaduq Wani
Postdoctoral Researcher

Understanding interplay between DNA damage response and the Chaperone Code

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Dr. Chathura Paththamperuma 
Postdoctoral Researcher

Understanding the Kar2/BiP chaperone code and structural biology of chaperone complexes

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Graduate Students

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Siddhi Omkar
PhD candidate

tanding the role of the chaperone code int he heat shock response

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Courtney Shrader
Masters student

Regulation and role of Ydj1/DNAJA1 PTMs in yeast and cancer cells.


Megan Mitchem
PhD student

Understanding interplay between the chaperone code and metabolism

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Duhita Mirikar
PhD student

Structural biolo
gy of Hsp70-RNR complexes

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Undergraduate Students

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Ainella Rysbayeva
Undergraduate researcher

Understanding the role of Hsp70 phosphorylation on neurodegenerative disease


Elizabeth Abedi
Undergraduate researcher

Understanding the connection between the Chaperone Code and proteostasis


Ashley Choi
Undergraduate researcher

Understanding the impact of the Hsp70 chaperone code on oncogenic kinase activation


The Mask of Good Results

A gift from Laura Knighton to the lab from Africa, this mask bestows good grant, paper and experimental luck to all those within a 2-bay radius.

Lab Alumni

  1. Megan Ward (3900 Student):

  2. Sarah Walsh (Certificate program)

  3. Neha Galla (Honors Student)

  4. Dr. Nitika (PhD Student): Clinical Scientist at Fosun Pharma (

  5. Lizbeth Saa (Honors Student): Medical School TBD

  6. Laura Knighton (PhD student): Currently a Healthcare Consultant at Fenix Group International, LLC (

  7. Jade Takakuwa (3900 student). Currently pursuing a Masters degree in Bioinformatics at UNCC

  8. Jacob Blackman (3900 and 4700 Honors Student). Southern College of Optometry (

  9. Owen Strom (Lab Technician, 2018: Currently at Washington State Medical School. 

  10. Shawn (Jill) Waller (Master’s student, Fall 2016-Spring 2018): Board certified Physician Assistant (PA) in the Department of Internal Medicine - Advanced Heart Failure at UT Southwestern Medical Center (

  11. Isaac Sluder (3900, REU and 4700 Honors, Fall 2015-Spring 2018): UNC Chapel Hill Medical School (

  12. Monserrat Cuervas (3900, REU and 4700 Honors, Fall 2015-Spring 2018): Currently at  NC State Veterinary School.

  13. Alexandria Szalanczy (REU student, Summer 2017): Currently a PhD candidate at Wake Forest University Graduate School (

  14. Shahad Nedawi (Lab volunteer, Fall 2016): Currently Sales Account Executive at The Business Journals (

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