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Our Team


Andrew Truman

Principal Investigator

Dr. Truman obtained his Ph.D. in Biochemistry at University College London, UK, focusing on the interplay between molecular chaperones and MAP kinase pathways in yeast. He worked as a postdoctoral scholar at both Johns Hopkins University and Boston University under the advisement of Dr. David E. Levin examining how MAP kinase specificity is achieved.


He joined the University of Chicago as a Research Assistant Professor to gain expertise in phospho-proteomics and global interactomics under the mentorship of Dr. Stephen Kron. His studies on Hsp70 phosphorylation resulted in a 2012 publication in Cell.


In 2015, he established his research lab at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte to study the role of chaperones in cancer. Dr. Truman was promoted to Associate Professor with Tenure effective July 1st 2021. He is a Fellow of the Cell Stress Society (FSSI) and is a Senior Editor for Frontiers in Molecular Biosciences and Cell Stress and Chaperones.

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Dr. Tasaduq Wani
Postdoctoral Researcher

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Understanding interplay between DNA damage response and the Chaperone Code

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Siddhi P

Graduate student

Understanding the role of ER chaperones on the DNA damage response.

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Victoria Homsley

Undergraduate researcher

Understanding PTMs on Hsp70 co-chaperone proteins

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Ainella Rysbayeva
Undergraduate researcher

Creation of the Chaperone Code Array

Dr. Nitika
Postdoctoral Researcher

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Understanding chaperone interactions using CRISPR and cross-linking mass spectrometry.


Courtney Shrader

SPARC4 /Masters student

Regulation and role of co-chaperone PTMs in yeast and cancer cells.

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Neha Galla

Honors student

Role of the chaperone code in neurodegeneration.

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Bo Zheng

Senior Technician

Interplay between chaperones and the DNA damage response.


The Mask of Good Results

A gift from Laura Knighton to the lab from Africa, this mask bestows good grant, paper and experimental luck to all those within a 2-bay radius.


  1. Lizbeth Saa (Honors Student): Medical School TBD

  2. Laura Knighton (PhD student): Currently a Business Analyst at Lifescience Dynamics Limited, Boston, MA.

  3. Jade Takakuwa (3900 student). Currently pursuing a Masters degree in Bioinformatics at UNCC

  4. Jacob Blackman (3900 and 4700 Honors Student). Southern College of Optometry

  5. Owen Strom (Lab Technician, 2018: Currently at Washington State Medical School. 

  6. Jill Waller (Master’s student, Fall 2016-Spring 2018): PA School

  7. Isaac Sluder (3900, REU and 4700 Honors, Fall 2015-Spring 2018): UNC Chapel Hill Medical School.

  8. Monserrat Cueervas (3900, REU and 4700 Honors, Fall 2015-Spring 2018): Currently at  NC State Veterinary School.

  9. Alexandria Szalanczy (REU student, Summer 2017): Currently a PhD candidate at Wake Forest University Graduate School.

  10. Shahad Nedawi (Lab volunteer, Fall 2016). Currently, lab manager at 360 labs.